Tech Cities 2016 – Quick Fun at the Carlson School

Tech Cities 2016 turned out to be a quick half-day conference, high on fun and low on pretense. I mistakenly thought we had an hour to play the Agile Architecture game, which was already a short time for explaining the rules and playing once through, but it turned out we only had 45 minutes.
techcities-1 Generally we like to have 90 minutes and 2 hours works best. Kevin Matheny and I cranked through our short presentation on Agile Architecture and the rules of the game and jumped right into playing it with ~40 of our new friends.

We always played the game with software people in the past, so there were a few more questions about how to play than we’ve seen in previous games. But with a lot of individualized attention from ourselves and our three additional proctors, everyone was able to get through the game without being fired! Some even earned some gold pirate coins for completing their objectives!

If you have an interest in learning what life is like for an Agile Architect, let me know. Kevin is putting together these workshops going forward and I’ll be helping him out when I have the time.